To Obtain Membership

  • Visit the club during club hours.
  • Complete, print and submit the application form along with one passport size photograph
  • Complete, print and submit the FQT form
  • Pay annual membership fee (cash, check or e-transfer only).

Please contact us, and we’ll reply to you with links to the required documents, along with the payment procedure.

 For EFT send to with the message being Member, security question of Membership, and Answer being anschutz

Juniors: 12-17 years old

  • Minimum age of 12 years for members.
  • Juniors can not obtain boxed ammunition. They may be issued only sufficient rounds to shoot one relay at a time.
  • Juniors 16+ may fire regular pistols with parental supervision.
  • Juniors may legally only transport air rifles or air pistols to the club.
Senior Full Membership$400$50
Full use of all ranges & club rifles & equipment
Senior Air Membership$185$50
use of Air range and equipment only
Junior Full Membership (12 TO 17 )$85$15
Full use of all ranges & club rifles & equipment
Family Full Membership$400$50
Per child (12 to 18 )$20
Full use of all ranges & club rifles & equipment

*FQT (Fédération québécoise de tir) membership mandatory, and is handled through the club. While it can be obtained separately, it makes renewal more complicated and is simpler when handled by the club.

When using club rifles, club ammo must be used – Target competition-grade Federal Gold .22 LR ammo @ $1.50/ 10 rounds taxes incl or $7.50/ box* of 50 taxes incl
Shooting Federation of Canada Official targets @ $0.50 ea. taxes incl

*a valid PAL is required for boxes of ammo.

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