The club has a large collection of .22 calibre rifles for use by members. A PAL (firearms licence) is not required to use the club rifles.

Most competition rifles were purchased by the club and several valuable rifles have been donated to the club throughout the years.

Members may sign out a rifle to compete in local, provincial or national events, providing that they possess a valid PAL.

To initiate a new member the target practice begins with the following Club five bull target. Two rounds are fired at each bull’s-eye.

Ammunition is dispensed in blocks for safety and to guide the shooter in the placement of his/her shots.  Firing one round too many into the same bull’s eye earns the shooter a penalty point deduction on his/her score!

Club rifle targets are free

Once a shooter gains some experience, they are encouraged to start shooting the 12-bull target. One round is fired at each bull’s-eye and the scoring rings are smaller than those of the 5-bull target above.

Shooting Federation of Canada Official targets @ $0.50 ea. taxes incl


The use of the club rifles requires the purchase of the club ammo.

Target competition-grade Federal Gold .22 LR ammo

$ 1.50/10 rounds taxes incl

$7.50/ box* of 50  taxes incl (Valid PAL required for box of 50)

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