The club has sporting, target, as well as left-handed and Jr. rifles available for use. Here are some of the club rifles available.

Mossberg Model 340B – Modified to suit youths aged 12 and up. These lightweight rifles are well suited for beginners and are very accurate.
Anschutz model 190 (Sporting Rifle) – These are well suited for beginners and experts alike
Anschutz model 190 Left Handed (Sporting Rifle)
Vickers Martini
Anschutz 1903 Match Rifles – Prone


Anschutz 54  Match Rifle- Left Handed 
Anschutz 54 Match Rifle
Anschutz 1403 (Left Handed shown, right handed also available.)
BSA International (Match Rifle). This target rifle is very heavy weighing in around 14.5lbs.